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July 2023 News

How quickly things change... a few weeks ago we welcomed Summer and as of today our daylight hours have already decreased by about 44 minutes and keep decreasing.

Events for the club- We will once again be offering Hunter Education classes as the State has opted out of online classes. We will be offering an ARCHERY class on July 15. Registration is online on the DEC web site. Hunter Ed. Classes will be posted on the DEC website as soon as they are available. Classes fill fast, so if you know anyone who needs a safety course please let them know.

We are participating in the Neighborhood Yard Sale Weekend in New Haven August 5th with a rain date of August 6, and will be offering sporting goods. We need donation of items in good condition but things you no longer need or use. We CANNOT accept firearms or ammunition. Below is a list of times and club members who will be available during the week prior to the sale allowing you to drop off items to be sold. Please call ahead. We will be at the club as listed but prefer not to waste time if no one will be dropping off items.

Monday July 30 – Michael- 315-529-1178- 1pm to 5pm

Tuesday August 1- Karen- 603-991-7188 -2pm to 4pm, Dave- 315-591-0719

Wednesday August 2- John- 315-802-8925 -3pm to 5pm, Roy -315-592-9765- 5pm to 7pm

Thursday August 3- Ed- 315-343-1558 -2pm to 4pm, Grover-315-298-3375- 5pm to 7pm

Friday August 4- Roy, Karen, Michael, Ed ,  9am to about 5pm, Don after 5Pm.

Saturday August 5 – Sale - We would like all items dropped off and displayed before Saturday so please avail yourself of the opportunity to do so by calling any of the above. It will only be successful with the cooperation of our members. We can also use help so if you can be free for even a few hours on Saturday that would be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your support.


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