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December 2023 News

Thanks to David VanSanford, we sent out a survey regarding concerns that some members wanted addressed. To clarify things, that was strictly a survey,  any changes in policy of the club only takes place at a monthly meeting by a membership vote. If it’s a change that affects our by-laws it has to be presented at 3 consecutive meetings before it can be voted on and made part of the constitution. I do want to thank David for all the work, time and effort he put into the questionnaire and printing the results so we had a reference point for our discussions.

I will give you the results of the issues as voted upon at the meeting, item where:

 #1 - Closing of the range during the southern tier gun season (deer) – this was approved to keep the range closed.  Effective dates are November 18 until December 10, 2023.

 #2 - Discussion of the range closure for maintenance- Tuesday morning until 1:00pm and Thursday from 1:00pm till sunset- what was voted on and approved to stay standard maintenance days, however now  there will be a sign hung on the gate when work is being done once the sign is removed the range will be opened. Sometimes those doing the work may start later and anyone on the range will be asked to leave (only Tuesday am and Thursday pm.).

#3 - Members willing to help were a solid majority, with the exception of those who had health issues or lived out of state, this was with sufficient advance notice.

#4 - Putting a line on the application form allowing members to make a monetary contribution, if you can’t participate or feel generous- this is acceptable.

We will be considering a membership dues increase for the 2025 year. A new application will be created and voted upon at 3 consecutive meetings during the 2024 year, becoming part of our constitution.

Reminder, all memberships expire on December 31 and the gate combination is changed January 1. No matter when the membership card was issued. Keeping that in mind we would like to keep members informed using email so when you renew please make your e-mail address legible –we will not share it with anyone it's strictly for our use.

A few more reminders, guest passes can be purchased from Ralph Izzo (315-480-6157) or any officer, the cost is $5.00 and they are for a specific date accompanied by the member, for range use only.

The range gets quite busy in the next few weeks and as a reminder for those sighting in their guns prior to deer season. Gun manufacturers recommend sighting in at a distance of 18 to 27 yards, we have a 25 yard bench and berm but you can bring your own portable target stand, making sure it is not lined up to hit the 4X4 posts.  NO GLASS OR METAL. Using our 25 and 50 yard back boards, there are clothespins available to hold your targets. Please take all targets with you when you are finished, as the containers are for spent cartridges only.

All tree stands must be tagged with a member's name or membership number. All stands have to be removed by 15 January 2024.

Saturday we hosted a group of Veterans for a crossbow hunt and a luncheon. Deer were seen but none harvested. Thanks to the members who helped and for the first time all of the officers were able to attend.

Outside of the times specified, the range is open year round if you wish to access it. Hunting is allowed on all of the property, the north side being a bit more rugged.

As always, any concerns or questions or problems please contact any officer or board member. Contact information is on the website. If you want to see any changes in policy, attend membership meetings, as that is where things are voted on and determined.

Good luck hunting, be safe and have a great holiday.