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August 2023 News

We are halfway through summer and have had a few things happen at the club.

Our biggest event was participating in the town of New Haven yard sale weekend. We did this as a fund raiser for the club rather than having a series of raffles or other activities to raise money to meet our various expenses. We need approximately $15,000 a year to pay for taxes, maintenance, insurance, utilities and repairs. Unless we have fundraising projects, our only income is membership dues which do NOT generate that amount of money.

I want to thank those members who made donations for the sale they are Grover Earle, Terry Dunn, Michael Schifano, Roy Abbott, Dave Van Sanford, Karen Ruth, Ed Besaw, Don Fenske, Linda Brosch, Me, John Barry, Laverne Tronecker and a member whose name I failed to record. I apologize if I omitted anyone who contributed, it was not intentional. Again, a big thanks to those who were present during the week to receive merchandise and sold items on Friday and Saturday. They were Roy Abbott, Ed Besaw, Don Fenske, Karen Ruth, and Grover Earle.

As of today, we have 211 members who have paid their due for the year. With the limited participation from the club members, we managed to generate over $800 with the sale. Obviously, an excellent outcome. Taking all things into consideration at our meeting on Monday August 7 attended by 9 members, after much discussion we had a motion to address this situation. We do realize because of age or distance or special situations not everyone can participate in club activities, but it’s only a very small percent of the membership. Those situations will be addressed on an individual basis. The motion will require a change in our bylaws at the December Meeting. It will be read at the September, October and November meeting when it will be voted up to become part of the membership application.

Robert’s rules require it be presented 3 time prior to a vote. The Motion is as follows.

We will institute a NON-PARTICIPATION Fee. There will be a $25 change if you do not take an active part in the operation of the club- a space on the membership application will allow members to make note of what they will be doing to help the club. Or you can opt to just add the $25 when you pay your dues and check that you will not be helping in any way. This can be helping to maintain the property, helping on a scheduled work day, helping with our veteran hunt, acting as a hunter ed. instructor, cleaning up the shooting range, donating to the yard sale, helping on the week prior to the yard sale collecting and pricing items, help on the sale day, helping with the chicken bar-b-Q if we opt to participate, help paint the club house outside, and anything else you might think of.

It’s obvious that many join the club just to use the range and often even violate the rules for its use, leaving litter and not using the brass containers are garbage can. We have tried to lessen the maintenance on the range by putting up plastic fencing to attach targets at the 25 and 50 yard, and have provided clothes pins to attach the targets. If you are not aware, a sheet of plywood is now over $30 and each target takes 2 sheets. And members are still stapling them to the support post then shooting enough time to cut the 4 x 4 into pieces. We have the most reasonable membership fees in the area. We are also aware that implementing the $25 fee will cause us to lose some member BUT its NO LOSS if you do nothing for the organization. We will keep track of your participation and if you do nothing during the 2024 year the fee will be added to your 2025 membership and membership card will not be issued unless it is paid in full.

If you wish to comment please feel free to contact any officer or board member. If you do so by E-Mail and do not include your name or member number (#) it will be deleted and we will not reply. Our names and contact information are on the web site.


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