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April 2022 News

Looks like spring is finally here.

We have been receiving renewals and new memberships at a steady pace. Now for some reminders. If you are on the range you must display your membership card (OH it’s in my truck/car is NOT ACCEPTABLE). Any non-members must have a guest pass, contact Ralph to obtain one (315-480-6157). Tthe cost is $5.00 and the guest MUST be accompanied by the member requesting the pass- the pass is good for only a specific date.

The range is open from 9:00 am to sunset M-S, Sundays it opens at 10:00 till sunset. The range is closed Tuesday morning until 1:00 pm and Thursday afternoons from 1:00pm until sunset. This allows the volunteers to do maintenance, mowing and any repairs needed.

Only PAPER targets are allowed- NO METAL OR GLASS- at the 25 yard and 50 yard you need clothespins to attach your targets to the netting. At the 100 and 200 yard a stapler is needed- when you are done shooting please remove the targets and take them with you. The containers at the benches is for shell casings ONLY not garbage. You may use any of the shooting benches but please shoot at the targets that line up with the respective benches (NO cross shooting). When on the range please respect each other and allow them to post and shoot.

Cars are to be parked inside the gate-no parking on the road. Its dangerous and usually indicates someone who is not a paid member. Each person has the right to ask anyone on the range to show their membership card. If they do not have one ask them to leave. If they refuse call 911 and report them as trespassers. That may sound harsh but you pay your dues to be able to safely use the range.

I’m happy to announce that Grover Earle and 3 members have volunteered to run the trap and skeet program. There will be a few changes from the past. 1st the shooting will be on WEDNESDAYS from 4-8:00 pm. Additionally the range will also be open on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 12-5:00 pm. The program will start on May 18 and end September 28th. The fee for a round will be $4.00. Any youth (12-16) accompanied by a parent will be allowed to shoot FREE during any of the sessions. Absolutely no ALCOHOL will be allowed on the trap and skeet field. Water and soda and limited snacks will be available to purchase. This is a great opportunity to get more youths involved in the club.

There are still a few tree stands on the property they were to be removed by January 15th or they become the property of the club. If you own one please remove it ASAP.

As a fund raiser we will hold a chicken BBQ on June11 from 11 till sold out. We will need help from our members  so please let Don ( 315-806-2223) or me know if your available. We also need items to put into baskets that will be part of a raffle. Please contact any one you do business with and ask for a donation ANY thing will be appreciated.

The board met and we have established a budget for 2022 part of that includes moneys generated from the chicken BBQ. Rather than holding a separate fund raiser. So your help is necessary.

In conjunction with the County federation we help sponsor kids to Camp. A program sponsored by the DEC if you know any youth 11-17 who might be interested please contact Don Fenske ASAP.

From May 16 to the 20 the Campus security will be using the range daily from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm for their required qualifications. So the range will be closed during that time.

If you have not renewed your membership you can download the form from this site and mail it to Roy. Please enclose a Self-addressed stamped envelope. You should get your membership car within 3-5 days. If you need it sooner call Roy ( 315-592-9768)

Have an enjoyable spring. Feel free to contact any officer or board member with any suggestions or concerns.

Thank you,


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