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August 22, 2023 / Newsletters

August 2023 News

We are halfway through summer and have had a few things happen at the club. Our biggest event was participating in the town of New Haven yard sale weekend. We did this as a fund raiser for the club rather than having a series of raffles or other activities to raise money to meet our various expenses. We need approximately $15,000 a year to pay for taxes, maintenance, insurance, utilities and repairs. Unless we have fundraising projects, our only income is membership dues which do NOT generate that amount of money. I want to thank those members who made donations for the sale they are Grover Earle, Terry Dunn, Michael Schifano, Roy Abbott, Dave Van Sanford, Karen Ruth, Ed Besaw, Don Fenske, Linda Brosch, Me, John Barry, Laverne Tronecker and a member whose name I failed to record. I apologize if I omitted anyone who contributed, it was not intentional....
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July 21, 2023 / Newsletters

July 2023 News

How quickly things change... a few weeks ago we welcomed Summer and as of today our daylight hours have already decreased by about 44 minutes and keep decreasing. Events for the club- We will once again be offering Hunter Education classes as the State has opted out of online classes. We will be offering an ARCHERY class on July 15. Registration is online on the DEC web site. Hunter Ed. Classes will be posted on the DEC website as soon as they are available. Classes fill fast, so if you know anyone who needs a safety course please let them know. We are participating in the Neighborhood Yard Sale Weekend in New Haven August 5th with a rain date of August 6, and will be offering sporting goods. We need donation of items in good condition but things you no longer need or use. We CANNOT accept firearms or ammunition....
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March 30, 2023 / Newsletters

March 2023 News

Happy spring to all. Due to varies health issues I have been unable to get a newsletter out since December. I will try to catch up everyone on what is happening at the club. To begin, if you have not renewed your membership you may do so at any time, when you do you will receive a new membership card and the gate combination. Dues are shown on the membership application onthis site. At our March meeting we finalized the proposed by-law changes and the vote was unanimous. Most are minor changes that are more for clarification. I will publish the entire By-Laws and have them posted ASAP. In previous newsletter I have requested donations for the chicken bar-b-Q to be held on June 10 at the club. It will still take place but we will not use it as a fund raiser for the club, and will not need...
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December 11, 2022

December 2022 News

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season and a prosperous 2023. At our December meeting the following officers were elected to run the club for 2023: Michael A. Cali – PresidentDon Fenske – Vice presidentRoy Abbott – Treasurer & MembershipKaren Ruth – Secretary *All terms are for 1 year and elections are held in December. The board of directors will be Ed Besaw & Ralph Izzo– terms to expire in 2025 Bill Calderone & Mark Sharland– terms to expire in 2024 Grover Earle– term expires in 2023. Our by-laws require 5 board members and 4 officers as the governing body for the club. One of the projects for 2023 is the updating/revising of our by-laws, which has not been done in a number of years. There really are no major changes but there are things that need to be addressed, especially membership structure and dues. Any proposed changes will be...
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October 1, 2022 / Newsletters

October 2022 News

Welcome fall. Once again we are heading to the busiest time on the range. Due to the abundance of rain it has been difficult to keep the range mowed but we are trying our best. A few dry days should improve things. The campus security used the range this past week and hopefully it did not interfere too much with our members. Once again we do not allow guest on the range unless you accompany them and have a valid guest pass- obtainable from Ralph Izzo- 315-480-6157. Please call ahead and he will take care of you. The fee is $5.00 per guest. Only paper targets are allowed- on the 25 and 50 yard backboards they can be attached with cloth pins onto the orange fencing. For the 100 and 200 yard range they should be stapled. When you are done shooting please remove the targets and take them with...
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August 1, 2022 / Newsletters

August 2022 News

Summer is upon us and the rifle range has been busy. Again a reminder if you bring it in please take it out, the containers are for shell casings only. Please take misfired ammunition with you DO NOT put it in the container. Once again if you wish to bring a guest please get a guest pass ( $5.00) from Ralph Izzo 315-480-6157. Our fund raiser of the year was held on June 11 in conjunction with the Mexico trail riders. We were fortunate in having a excellent day weather wise and a good turnout. Chickens were sold out and the raffles were decent. The 2 main items we raffled were a CVA muzzleloader which was won by Tim Searles and the 50/50 won by Don Fenske. A special thank you to those members who helped. With a membership of close to 300 individuals it was disappointing to only have...
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April 1, 2021 / Newsletters

April 2022 News

Looks like spring is finally here. We have been receiving renewals and new memberships at a steady pace. Now for some reminders. If you are on the range you must display your membership card (OH it’s in my truck/car is NOT ACCEPTABLE). Any non-members must have a guest pass, contact Ralph to obtain one (315-480-6157). Tthe cost is $5.00 and the guest MUST be accompanied by the member requesting the pass- the pass is good for only a specific date. The range is open from 9:00 am to sunset M-S, Sundays it opens at 10:00 till sunset. The range is closed Tuesday morning until 1:00 pm and Thursday afternoons from 1:00pm until sunset. This allows the volunteers to do maintenance, mowing and any repairs needed. Only PAPER targets are allowed- NO METAL OR GLASS- at the 25 yard and 50 yard you need clothespins to attach your targets to the...
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