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History of Leatherstocking

It all began in Leng's Hotel a hundred years ago. There in the village of Oswego, on a March night in 1860, a group of men gathered in lamp and fire-lit tavern room to talk of what could be done to curb the lawless shooting of game and preserve the dwindling wildlife. There was general agreement that it was getting pretty hard to take a deer when one was needed; you couldn't shoot one from your front yard any more.

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Recent News

August 22, 2023 / Newsletters

August 2023 News

We are halfway through summer and have had a few things happen at the club. Our biggest event was participating in the town of New Haven yard sale weekend. We did this as a fund raiser for the club rather than having a series of raffles or other activities to raise money to meet our various expenses. We need approximately $15,000 a year to pay for taxes, maintenance, insurance, utilities and repairs. Unless we have fundraising projects, our only income is membership dues which do NOT generate that amount of money. I want to thank those members who made donations...
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July 21, 2023 / Newsletters

July 2023 News

How quickly things change... a few weeks ago we welcomed Summer and as of today our daylight hours have already decreased by about 44 minutes and keep decreasing. Events for the club- We will once again be offering Hunter Education classes as the State has opted out of online classes. We will be offering an ARCHERY class on July 15. Registration is online on the DEC web site. Hunter Ed. Classes will be posted on the DEC website as soon as they are available. Classes fill fast, so if you know anyone who needs a safety course please let them...
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March 30, 2023 / Newsletters

March 2023 News

Happy spring to all. Due to varies health issues I have been unable to get a newsletter out since December. I will try to catch up everyone on what is happening at the club. To begin, if you have not renewed your membership you may do so at any time, when you do you will receive a new membership card and the gate combination. Dues are shown on the membership application onthis site. At our March meeting we finalized the proposed by-law changes and the vote was unanimous. Most are minor changes that are more for clarification. I will publish...
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