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The Leatherstocking Club Inc.
4628 State Route 104
P.O. box 145
New Haven, NY 13121

President: Michael Cali
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It all began in Leng's Hotel a hundred years ago. There in the village of Oswego, on a March night in 1860, a group of men gathered in lamp and fire-lit tavern room to talk of what could be done to curb the lawless shooting of game and preserve the dwindling wildlife. There was general agreement that it was getting pretty hard to take a deer when one was needed; you couldn't shoot one from your front yard any more.

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The range will be closed May 17-21 from 9:00 AM until 1:30 PM. Campus Security will be using the range.

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Moving forward, meetings will be held in person at the club as usual, unless otherwise specified here.

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